#12: Bone and Bread by Saleema Nawaz

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In April this year we read Bone and Bread by Saleema Nawaz, one of the Canada Reads picks for 2016. Sophie chose this book about sisterhood – we had mixed opinions about this one but we enjoyed discussing the book’s symbolism, how it dealt with heavy topics like racism, teenage pregnancy and death, and how we deal with emotions and how that can affect us. We were also feeling especially giggly so there’s lots of laughing! (Not at inappropriate things! Mostly.)

Discussion Questions:

  1. Beena feels Sadhana blames her for her mother’s death, and worries Quinn blames her for Sadhana’s. Are these (blame and guilt) healthy emotions?

  2. At one point, we learn that Sadhana had a theory that “however it might torment and elude those who seek it, beauty, and love of beauty, is what makes us civilized.” How do you see this view of world interacting with Sadhana’s behaviour and mental illness(es)?

  3. This book has a lot of different “tough” subjects; eating disorders, racism, teenage pregnancy, death, etc. Do you feel the author was able to devote enough time to each issue? Did any of the issues feel forced or pushed into the narrative at all?

  4. What does the title mean to you? What do you think its significance is in the context of the book?

The music in this episode is Cils by Philippe Beer Gabel, from freemusicarchive.org

Happy reading!

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